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QioVoip Mobile is a free application and is available for international calling at an extremely low communication fee.

QioVoip Mobile is a SIP client usable on Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. As long as the internet is accessible, you can enjoy SIP calls anywhere. iPhytter is simple and handy and can help you cut extra calling expenses. Try this new innovative VoIP application.

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Free QioVoip to QioVoip, and QioVoip to QioVoip Mobile calls anywhere

FREE QioVoip to QioVoip calls anywhere in the world.You can make phone calls to any landline or cell phone from your computer at great low rates.
By using the QioVoip softphone and QioVoip Mobile, you can use QioVoip in your office, home, and outdoors. You can connect with anyone you want, anytime you want, from anywhere.

Worldwide Low Call Rates

You can call anybody across the globe with very reasonable rates.
As long as the internet is accessible, you can take advantage of great rates anywhere.For more details, please go to [ Cost ]

  • QioVoip Mobile does not support in background. To receive a call, please display QioVoip Mobile in front.
  • To use this application, the internet access such as Wi-Fi or mobile network is required. Packet is also required during a call. It is mandatory to call under packet flat-rate system. The explanation of “Free Call” in this document is equivalent to a call under packet flat-rate system. * Please be informed that depending on some types of mobile Wi-Fi router, QioVoip Mobile may not be work correctly.
  • It may be considered that some of phone companies or internet service providers may restrict or prohibit SIP call of VoIP technology. For detail, please contact to your phone company or internet service provicer.
  • All products, services and the name of the company on the website are registered trademarks.
  • Calling to the police office, fire department or any other particular numbers is unavailable. Please make sure to prepare yourself a communication method to call such particular numbers.