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Plan and Service

Qiovoip goes with the prepaid system. Please purchase points to get it srarted.
Depending on your usage, you can choose the best plan from below.

Plan Points Price
Q-100 10,500 points 780港币
Q-50 5,200 points 390港币
Q-30 3,100 points 240港币
Q-10 1,010 points 80港币
Q-5 500 points 40港币
Free 0 points 0港币
(Available only among QioVoip IDs)

If you frequently use the computer, we recommend purchasing Qiovoip Softphone.

Method of payment: VISA or MASTERCARD only.

You can use all of the services below with Qiovoip points.

  • The rate of points and the prices for each product are subject to change without notice depending on the status of the exchange rate.
  • There is no set expiration date for points. However, the system will automatically void all remaining points if you have not used them in 1 year since last usage.
  • As connection fee, four points will be charged when a call is established. Use of FAX is not included in the connection fee.
  • Calling to the police office, fire department or any other particular numbers is unavailable. Please make sure to prepare yourself a communication method to call such particular numbers.