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Rate Table

Country / Region / Type Country Code Calling Rates FAX rate
China 86 2 points 30 points
Hong Kong 852 3 points 17 points
Taiwan 886 2 points 17 points
Taiwan(Cell phone) 9 points -
Japan 81 3 points 15 points
Japan(Cell phone) 9 points -
South Korea 82 3 points 14 points
Korea(Cell phone) 6 points -
Singapore 65 2 points 25 points
Singapore(Cell phone) 2 points -
Philippines 63 14 points 34 points
Philippines Mobile 14 points -
Thailand 66 4 points 38 points
Australia 61 3 points 15 points
Australia Mobile 10 points -
New Zealand 64 2 points 19 points
New Zealand Mobile 5 points -
North and South America
USA 1 1 points 12 points
Mexico 52 5 points 5 points
Peru 51 32 points 48 points
Peru Mobile 32 points -
Brazil 55 9 points 33 points
Brazil Mobile 9 points -
UK 44 28 points 7 points
UK Mobile 25 points -
Germany 49 1 points 14 points
Germany Mobile 4 points -
Italy 39 4 points 14 points
Italy Mobile 14 points -
France 33 6 points 14 points
France Mobile 14 points -
Russia 7 23 points 34 points
Russia Mobile 27 points -
Egypt 20 9 points 64 points
Egypt Mobile 12 points -
Tanzania 255 31 points 62 points
Tanzania Mobile 31 points -
South Africa 27 26 points 37 points
South Africa Mobile 26 points -

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Connection Fee

4 points

*When a call established, a connection fee will be charged. Use of FAX is not included in the connection fee.

  • This rate is a per minute rate.
  • The rate of points and the prices for each product are subject to change without notice depending on the status of the exchange rate.
  • As connection fee, four points will be charged when a call is established. Use of FAX is not included in the connection fee.
  • If there is no Mobile rate, it is the same as landline rates.
  • You can share the points for both [Qiovoip] and [Qiovoip FAX].
  • You will be charged per page for Qiovoip FAX. The maximum time to send one page is 60 seconds. Heavy documents with a lot of text and big pictures may not be sent within 60 seconds. In this case, the extra charge for additional one page per minute applies. For instance, if it takes for 5 minutes to send two pages, it is counted as 5 pages. You will need to have enough points to send all your documents. If you want to send 10 pages to a country in which one page costs for 20 points, you will need at least 200 points. Please bear in mind that you will be charged for one page based on how much time it took to send the page.
  • The cover sheet is counted as one page.
  • You do not have to worry about printing size for Qiovoip FAX. All sizes(such as A3 and letter size) will be automatically adjusted to A4 (almost identical to letter size) to send.
  • It is not available in certain regions. For more details, please contact us.
  • QioVoip requires: an internet connection (at least 150kpbs), headsets, and a webcam if using the video phone feature.(Please note that the audio and video quality may vary depending on your internet connection speed.)
  • Calling to the police office, fire department or any other particular numbers is unavailable. Please make sure to prepare yourself a communication method to call such particular numbers.